Different Clothes For Different Weather


external image img5.gifexternal image img6.gifexternal image img7.gif

.external image img8.gifexternal image img10.gifexternal image img9.gif

All these clothes are for hot weather.

external image img17.gifexternal image img18.gifexternal image img19.gif

All these clothes are for rasiny weather.

external image img11.gifexternal image img12.gifexternal image img13.gif

external image img14.gifexternal image img16.gifexternal image img15.gif

all these clothes are for hot weather.

If you wear all these clothes in all these types of weather you will be fine and have nothing to worry about. Wearing clothes is not just about fashion ,we need clothes to stay warm or cold in different types of weather.If we do not put the correct clothes on we can get skin cancer and other things that are bad for us!