My prodject is all about crocodiles. Crocodiles are a very interesting animal and
have been around since the dinosaurus. They are the worlds largest
reptile and can grow up to 7m but are usually about 4m. They reproduce in wet
season and can have up to 60 eggs at one time but sadly some babies die. Some
crocodiles skins used to be tranported to forign countries so it is now ilegal to
kill a croc so if you got caught you would go to jail !


  1. humans [rarely
  2. cows
  3. birds
salwater crocodiles are usually about 100 km inland in Australia
and live in lakes games preserves rivers and usualy swamps.
They can found in some parts of Australia,U.S.A, Sri Lanka and
tropical areas. They need to be in warm water so if you go
swimming in a lake in a Tropical region keep your wits about you.