This report is all about the Crocodile which lives in Australia.
The Crocodile is an animal that lives in swamps and marshy areas around Africa,India,South east Aisia.
Crocodiles vary in sizes and are animals that eat meat.
This report includes Facts and information about the crocodiles Diet,Habitat and its apperance.



A Crocodiles diet

  • zebra :A black and white striped animal a bit like a horse.
  • Antalope :A brown,black and white animal that is quite fast with horns.
  • Buffalo: A black animal with black horns that lives in herds with other Buffalo,Buffalo also look similar to bulls.
  • Fish :An underwater animal that lives in rivers and streams.
  • Wildebeast:A brownish animal that is a bit like a cow with horns.



A Crocodile has hard greeny yellow scales witch acts as thick skin,crocodiles are cold blooded and they can breath under water.
Crocodiles have 66 teeth each can be replaced during its life time.Crocodiles shed their teeth regulary.
Female Crocodiles lay their eggs in holes that are made of sand,mud and sand.Crocodiles can last months without food or water.